Your Kindness Is A Sanctuary

Your Kindness Is A Sanctuary

your kindness
is a sanctuary 
for my weary soul

your deep, 
silent listening
opens a vast, 
infinite space

where all my
cut-off, orphaned bits
walk out in utter relief

no longer crippled
by the burdensome
shame and horror
they have suffered
of themselves

like exhausted children 
allowed to emerge 
from a cold 
hungry darkness
where for a thousand years
they had been 
punishingly confined

their tiny hands 
now caressed
foreheads kissed
and soft little bodies
wholly embraced

with these words 
that finally heal
and set them free: 

there is no need 
for reasons
or any explanation

you’re accepted 
as you are

this is how it is

hush, my dear
it’s alright

my dear,
it’s all okay

8th march 2014

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"

image: with thanks via freerangestock dot com

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