If It Would Help You Be

If It Would Help You Be

i don’t know 
what it would take
to shake you 
out of this stupor

i would write a song
with my blood
and beg the wind
to sing 
if it would help you listen

i would cut 
pieces of myself
to set on fire
and light up your world
if it would help you see

there is a truth
a way of being
that cannot be spoken
in a thousand words

i would make 
every single breath
a prayer 
to kiss you with

if it would help you

 13th march 2014

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"

image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

for a copy of "Set My Heart On Fire" in pakistan nalayn publications
in South Africa intent publishing
and internationally via amazon


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