I Am Woman

I Am Woman

i am woman

and i choose to be
undefined by history
 or any category

i care not for your labels
whether you are feminism,
misogyny or patriarchy

i care not for your titles
whether you represent priesthood
scholarship or royalty

i care not for your approval
whether you are friends
kinsmen, or family

i’m not looking for entrance
into sisterhoods
that may be open
or break into brotherhoods
that are closed off to me

of all the talk of victims
and oppressors
i have grown
very weary

i am done
with the division
the blame
the otherness
and tribal hostility

i acknowledge
what it means to be a woman
the suffering
the anguish the brutality

and so
i’m ready to forgive
and heal
from the portion of pain
bestowed by my gender
on my cells
as dark memory

i’m ready to move on
and discover my own

i embrace
both my raw masculine power
and soft nurturing femininity

i embrace
both my masculine
other worldly spirit
and my feminine
child-bearing body

i will follow the dictates
of my deepest
most mysterious intuition

i will read
the text of my life
vision and body

i will answer the
ancient wordless song
of my divine soul
and submit, Beloved
only to Thee

to Your writ
brought from upon High

to the example
of the best of creation
You sent as
Your loving emissary

When You have shown me
such incredible Grace
Love and Generosity

why would i care
what the world
thinks or says
or does to me?

in slavehood and submission
to You
am i completely whole
beyond fractures and duality

in my willful bondage
to You alone
i find myself Home
and completely free

28th november 2015
Shahbano Aliani 
image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

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