For The Sake Of The One Beloved

For The Sake Of The One Beloved

open the eyes
inside your heart
that see 
all of life
and redolent
of the Beloved

there is a light 
behind the dazed savagery
and lost bitterness
of those who cross your path

the splendour 
of your flame
dying embers
in even these 
who seem
impossibly dark

so whatever you do:
cook soup
hew wood
write books,

for God’s sake
make your own flame 
burn brighter!

to your every question
every problem 
every search and heartache

this alone is the answer:

hold steady
filled with love
the holy fire 
of your eyes

setting ablaze
soul after soul after soul

all burning
all here and 
all yearning
for the sake of 
the One Beloved

7th march 2014

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"
image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

for a copy of "Set My Heart On Fire" in pakistan nalayn publications
in South Africa intent publishing
and internationally via amazon


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