Said The Shaykh To The Salik

Said The Shaykh To The Salik

it's easy 
to say the words
harder to apply 
the teachings

no one got burnt 
by saying the word “fire”
just as no one 
was ever quenched 
by saying the word “water”

you can be clever 
and learn the words
then utter them back 
to sound pious 
and wise 

but when 
your own desire’s thwarted
your clever string of words

like you
i’m a human being

when you look to
 where i point
it does make me happy

when you stamp your feet 
like an obstinate child
it does make sad

but understand for me 
both sadness and happiness 
are the same

you cannot buy me with one
scare me with the other one

for i've sold all of my self 
to the King 
who gives the best bargain 
in the universe

4th march 2016

image: Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook
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