Love, Courage And Hope

Love, Courage And Hope

listen, those of you
who call yourself the “taliban”
and spill the blood
of innocent children in pakistan

i vow never to lose my way, to despair
or become hateful and violent like you
i vow never to speak, to think like you
i vow never to do what you do

the whole world is my home
every creature is my family
i will not be divided
from the rest of creation and humanity
i will not despise, distrust
those who look, who speak
who live, who believe
different from me

i am a lover of God
i’m neither christian nor jew
i’m neither buddhist nor sikh
neither muslim nor hindu

i’m neither left nor right
neither shia nor sunni
i’m neither better nor superior
in creed or colour, to anybody

i am the Divine Breath
in a blood and flesh body
this is my Truth
my only real identity

in answer to your madness
i practice compassion and sanity
in answer to your violence
i remain tethered to my humanity

you seem to have forgotten
but i remember i carry the Divine Spark
so i’ll burn my own light brighter
in answer to your dark
and grow only love, courage
and hope in my heart

until i’m taken away
from this world by death
with the last ounce of strength
and my very last breath
I’ll grow only love, courage
and hope in my heart

17th december 2014

dedicated to the children and adults of the APS peshawar attack 16 dec 2014

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