The Miracle Is You

The Miracle Is You

don’t make 
any more plans
wait another second
waste another breath


wash everything 
off your skin
and out of your hair
forget everything 
that has happened
so far

unlearn it all

wear your best
most comfortable clothes
stick a rose
behind your ear

with your feet bare
and your hair flying

dance out 
into the world
like the day 
you were born

the miracle
the highlight
the marvelous climax
of your life

is not 
going to happen
in the distant future
in another place

the miracle 
is here

the miracle
 is now

the miracle 
is you

8th january 2014

from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"

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  1. Love this. If only we believed this, how different the world could be. hugs pat


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