You Are That Song

You Are That Song

there’s a song
you heard
a million years ago
in an ancient
ancient lifetime

and though
you’ve forgotten
all the words
and its tune

fragments of it
float out
from a mysterious
unknowable chamber
deep inside

beckoning you

each time
you hear a haunting,
tantalizing bit
of that
primordial melody,

you go a little bit insane,
a little bit undone

as if 
there is
in your chest
a wordless
tongue of fire

which for days
can lie quiet 
and asleep
while you run around
doing errands
and chasing shadows
in the world

until a note 
from this song 
stirs deep 
inside yourself

the quiet 
tongue of flame
to explode sweet
unbearable pain

and suddenly
you are steeped
in a great sadness

you feel restless
and forlorn

as if you realize
you’ve been lost
cold and lonely
for a million
tragic years

have forgotten
who you are and
you’ve come from

and this
elusive song
that you can never
completely hear
reminds you
of all
that you’ve forgotten

and weeps silently
as your blood

each time
this mysterious melody
it’s calling you back
a little more insistently

it’s also
your way Home

my dearest
my friend
my heart
my precious soul

for me 
you are that song

for me
you are that song

16th january 2014

from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"

photo credit: with thanks from Jill Lillis on facebook

for a copy of the book "Set My Heart On Fire" contact; 

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