Become Silent And Listen

Become Silent And Listen

you spend your life
worrying about that 
which never happens

have you 
ever thought of death
and why you,
a creature of such beauty
and staggering intricacy,

why you
have been made 
to come
to this unfathomable cosmos
only to perish
at the end?

the sum total 
of your life’s work
and achievement
in the outward
will rot and turn to dust 
like your body
when your spirit flies

so why 
has your Creator
taken all this trouble
with you?

there is a secret
woven in your Design
a unique and exquisite 
worth every single breath
every detail of your being
every minute of your life

the careful loving pattern
of every atom 
in your body
every pebble
every blade of grass
every leaf
every raindrop

every enigmatic 
miraculous creature 
in this world

i am the product
of a Singular Genius
and Generosity
and this is why 
i am here

stop your useless worrying
become silent
and listen

26th january 2014

from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"

photo credit: iraj jahanshahi on facebook

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