Into The Light

photo: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

dearest, everyday i write
a hundred aromatic
letters to you

each word is selected lovingly
then formed perfectly
in enchanting flourishes
and elegant curlicues

i imagine
that when you open each letter
you are greeted first
by its delicate perfume
that settles on your skin
and in your hair
a fine, refreshing mist

i imagine next
that the words lift gracefully
off the page
like a congregation 
of iridescent sunbirds

who sing
in notes
melodious and  sweet
a love song
for your ears alone

as you hear the song
you weep
because you feel
my overwhelming love
embrace you
as gently as a breath

i imagine
the words
the music
the perfume
soaked up
by your exhausted being

untying ancient knots
caressing old wounds
melting away anxiety
and blowing
sweet, blissful sleep
into your eyes

as your tears
wash away your pain

i imagine
you fall asleep
as softly and suddenly
as a tired, happy child

soothed and comforted
at last

and in your dreams
when you awake
you are strong and swift

you rise and soar effortlessly
on great, powerful wings
to fly
straight into the light

straight into the light

28th march 2015

image with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook
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