Divine Mother

Mother tonight
when i return 
from the battlefield 
having hunted 
shadows and demons 
of the inner realm 
all day
i will be 
your weary child again
small, pliable and needy

craving your soothing, 
slow breath
your warm, 
sweet fragrance
your soft, 
yielding flesh
around my broken body

Divine Mother
i will be 
your child again
hurt, exhausted 
and dirtied 
by what i’ve seen
and where i've been 
in the day

in the night 
i'll beg 
for your cleansing radiance
to embrace and purify me
wash away all traces
remove all memories
i can no longer 
bear to carry

i will curl up 
next to the comforting
familiar rhythm 
of your heartbeat
close my eyes 
surrender all 
my weapons and ruses

do what you will
with me 
in the sacred darkness 
of the night

whatever you do 
is beautiful
and for my very best

25 march 2015

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"
image: with thanks via <http://www.divinemother.co.nz/>

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