Anything Other Than God Disappoints

Anything Other Than God Disappoints

bring everything
to your desire

all your strength and beauty
all your fire and songs
everything you’ve learnt
and dreamt
your finest skills
most splendid words

your eyes, ears
hands and heart
every fiber
of your soul

be single minded,
completely devoted
hold nothing
absolutely nothing

convince yourself
there’s nothing more
you can give
or do

pour every single
gem you’ve got 

then say to your desire:

here, i’m giving you
everything i am
everything i own

in return
rid me of this disquiet
that never leaves
fill to overflowing
all my large
gaping holes

but when your heart is broken
as it is bound to be
don’t deny
your deep disappointment
and hurt

be immediately
and completely

it’s so much better
to see the Truth:

anything other than God
will always disappoint

7th september 2013
from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"
photo credit: free range free stock photos 

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