A Thousand Secret Ways

A Thousand Secret Ways

i am tied to you
in a thousand
secret ways

every now and then
Mercy descends

like a cool night
after a scorching day
like rain after
a long, long drought

my breath comes easier
and i rejoice:

“praise be to my Lord
who has set me free”

until sometime,
some blissful breaths later
the soothing lightness
disappears again

and there it is
the familiar pain

then beckoning me
to a place deeper
more subtle
than where i’ve been

each time
it takes a different form:
rage, hurt,
or despair

i try to escape
to deny or fight

but who can win
from a shadow?

then Mercy descends
and leads me
to the root of
this new mystery

free of another knot
i am astounded
by what i see
and drown in
soothing stupor

until it comes again
my friend
that old, familiar pain

and i realize
 i’m not yet
not yet free

but still tied to you
in a thousand
secret ways

9th septemeber 2013
from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"
photo credit: free range free stock photos from the web

for a copy of the book "Set My Heart On Fire" contact nalayn.publications@gmail.com; 
internationally available through Amazon and www.intentpublishing.com


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