Answer The Call

Answer The Call

come, is it fair to ignore
what you’ve known
but forgotten
and can no longer recall
except in a dream?

how does this secret
reveal itself suddenly
without thought or effort
or help that can be seen?

who is talking
when you weep
who is listening
deeper than deep?

what call is your heart
yearning to answer
that is beyond the symbols
we use when we speak?

answer this call
even if you think
you can’t hear it
(this, my friend, is the problem:
that you think!)

answer this call
in whatever way you know
kiss the ground with your forehead
dance madly, sing loudly
talk to trees

don’t silence your heart
answer this call
before it’s too late

(c) Shahbano Aliani in "Shadow Of The One" --
An Anthology of Inspirational Poems by Zawia Ebrahim
photo credit: free range free stock photos from the we
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