Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi
(1928 - 2016)

light a lamp
say a prayer
for the soul
of the saint
who has died

but do not despair

the Source of
Love and Mercy
is Ever Living
and Eternal

with a word
He can
create an army
of angels and saints

like the one
we weep for

the washer
and burier
of unnamed
unmourned corpses

the one who embraced
children abandoned
by faithless poverty
selfishness and shame

the caregiver
to those too old
too sick
too damaged
to be of use
or interest
to anyone else

the lover
of the broken
the needy
the unclaimed
the spurned
and the scorned

the lover of those
we could not touch
or care for

the lover of those
we could not
would not

he has returned today
to the Mercy
that is The Source

and his reward
awaits him
 with the Most Generous
of all

so don’t mourn him

better that you
pray for your own heart
your own love
to grow as grand
as enormous
as beautiful
as his

9th july 2016

Abdul Sattar Edhi (Audio)

photo: arynews

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