How Did This Come To Be?

when you see
when you finally see
the vast, lavish
and unreasonable beauty 
scattered like stars
poured like oceans
all across Existence

with the effortless flourish
of beauty 
unaware of 
unable to help 
its own 
abundant, spilling-over

you ask yourself, astounded:
how did this come to be?

to get the answer:

Love that’s so enormous 
it is everything 
the reason, 
the purpose, 
the origin
and destination

Love for its own sake
Love in love 
with its own self

manifest in all creatures
 dancing, prancing, 
leaping or still

every living, breathing moment
into kaleidoscopic colour 
exquisite form
light! light! light!
and heart-breaking song

8th july 2014

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"
image: with thanks via Maarten Maarten Appel on Facebook

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