In The End

In The End

in the end 
you will find
you suffered 
because you chose to
and it couldn’t be helped

that there was 
no good
there was no bad

it was as it was
and you 
were meant to see

in the end 
you will find
that the burden 
you chose
was too much
to carry

and it was 
your utter weariness
your soul exhaustion
that made you collapse
in prostration 
and give up your self
 all your desires
and every accusation

in the end 
you’ll discover
what it means 
to be human
and why you are here

and in the end 
you will find
that it was 
all Love

all of it

and that’s 
the only thing
that matters

12th april 2014

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"
image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

for a copy of "Set My Heart On Fire" in pakistan 
nalayn publications
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