Don’t Lose Heart

Don't Lose Heart

don’t lose heart
you’ve come
a long way

in the ugliness
you appear to see
trust me
one day
you’ll see
only perfection
and  beauty

there is only one rule
no matter how painful
don’t look away

let the images
the thoughts
the feelings

then let them
fade away

they are here
to tell you
you aren’t
what you thought
you were

this is good news

who wants to remain
a prisoner of identity?

you’ve come a long way
from the world of illusion

don’t worry about how
those asleep
will look at you
or what
they’ll think of you

everyone recognizes
the fragrance of truth
even those asleep

once you smell
of the spirit flower
growing inside you
people will come
drawn by its perfume

just like you
they won’t care
if your clothes are plain
or your house too small

don’t lose heart
my friend
you’ve come
a long way

keep going
and you’ll know
why this is the way
it has to be

23rd december 2013


from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"
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