A Fiery Being

A Fiery Being

there is a fiery being
who lives
inside you

a lover
a creature
of untamed purity
and freedom

has no concern
for unlocked doors
and good opinions

worries not at all
about loss or rejection
about piety
or prescription

she walks
the earth
friend to every creature
and geography

allowing the world
to come
and enter her

her heart opens
with Love
to Love
as Love Is

as it should be

the fire
from which
she is born
fuels the core
of your being

have you let 
yourself turn 
so cold?

4th january 2014

from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"

photo credit: chance agrella at http://freerangestock.com/

for a copy of the book "Set My Heart On Fire" contact nalayn.publications@gmail.com; 

internationally available through Amazon and www.intentpublishing.com 


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