"Say I Am You"

"Say I Am You"
forget your name
say instead:

i am the endless sky
the sun in the day
the stars at night
gathering clouds
pouring rain
the earth and its scent

say i am the trees
roots and branches
blossoms and seeds
all blades of grass
grains of sand
and the dancing breeze

say i am the birds
in tree tops, on cliff tops
the leopard, the oryx
the snake and the sheep

say i am
the one who plucks 
jasmine buds,
the jasmine 
and its perfume,
the sunlight 
the moonlight,
the cool taste of the moon

say i am the shells and pebbles
on the beach,
the waves and the foam,
the fish, the seaweed
and the sea

say i am the mountains,
the rocks and the snow,
the streams, the springs
the valleys below

say i am all the people:
the children and the old
the women, the men
of today, tomorrow
and centuries ago

say i am
i am! i am! i am!

hold me in your eyes
with tenderness, with love
and “say i am you”

then say:
i am you

inspired by Maulana Jalauddin Rumi's poem, "Say I Am You" 

15th july 2011

image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

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