Begging The Moon

Begging The Moon

there was a time
when i only wanted
that could be bought
in shops
with money

You have turned me
into a beggar
who begs
without hope

late in the evening
i implore the breeze:

come rushing to me
over tropical flowers
drops of fragrant moonlight
on trees
that give up to their lover,
the night, their gorgeous

gather this joy
that reminds me of
the one i adore
blow it on me
like the breath i crave

in the night
it’s the moon i beg:

you whose sweet radiance
is like my beloved,
my life, my precious soul


come, sink into my heart
there is a perpetual,
slow-burning fire in here
i cannot put out with
perhaps your snowy whiteness
can cool it


then sleep takes over
and puts an end to this
daily humiliation
just for the night

at dawn hunger awakens
with the world
and i go down on my knees
to the sun:

enter me like fire
through the skin
these smouldering embers
in my chest
to a giant blaze
let there be fire everywhere
inside and out

have Mercy,
i can’t bear it anymore!

19th july 2011

shahbano aliani

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