Find Your Love Story

Find Your Love Story

the One
who created you
wrote your story too
a masterpiece
of love

go find the love story
written for you

leave this windowless room

do you think trees and butterflies
worry about security
or reputation?

you have grown cold here
and lonely
even to yourself

in flashes, sometimes
i have seen the exhilaration
of pure joy and freedom
on your face

there is nothing more precious
more beautiful
than this inner light

nothing the world gives you
or keeps from you


is worth this total
dissolving into
what you really love

there is another world
richer, more beautiful
than where you’ve ended up

take a risk
open your heart
fall in love

watch how everything wakes up
spins and sings

taste the world
like never before

what’s there to lose
but a lifetime of imprisonment?

9th july 2011

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