And The Beloved Whispers

i am fallible, fickle
and weak

i am neither clever
nor knowledgeable

i have neither riches
nor power

i am neither arresting
nor extraordinary

i get tired
or scared
or hurt

i lose patience
or my temper
or my resolve

i can’t see
or listen 
or understand

i am unkind
or selfish
or stubborn

i am craven
or deceptive
or greedy

but i try
oh i try!

to overcome
my self

i try
oh i try!

to be bigger and better 
than my self

i don’t often succeed
but sometimes

i do

and the Beloved whispers:

it’s all beautiful

the trying
the failure
the success

and the Beloved whispers:

there’s nothing more beautiful
than this

23rd december 2015

From the upcoming book, "The Truth Is Love"

image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

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