You’re My Sister

image with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

You’re My Sister

do you remember?
how we lay on the grass
next to the stream
on a summer day
when the breeze
was kind 
but brisk
and even 
with our tight little braids
it blew
our curls about

i showed you
the white
silky clouds
and in them
our supper table
your favourite ragdoll
and the puppy 
we had buried
just a week ago

you were 
most excited, though
when in the clouds 
you saw
a team of unicorns
pulling a splendid chariot

if i had as many unicorns,
you said,
to pull my chariot
i could fly anywhere

i turned then
to look at you
and the bright sparkle 
in your eyes
and the broad smile
on your face 
and the glow of light
all around you

and it 
wrenched my heart
wide open 

next to me
was a little creature
so full of radiance
and wisdom 
and beauty

i was awed

i turned over
and leaning on my elbow
stroked your curls away
from the forehead
which i loved 

bent closer and
listened to your words
pour out 
in an excited jumble
looked into your eyes
returned your smile

and touched your forehead 
gently, with my finger tips

all the while
holding your tender little hand
in mine

and as you continued to speak
i lifted first one
then your other hand
to my lips

and just as you had 
always done
almost by instinct

you tried to lift 
each foot up 
to my face
for a kiss

but i pushed away
your muddy boots

scowling, saying
i’m not going to kiss
your dirty old boots! 

and my mock anger
made you laugh

you kept lifting
your muddy boots
at me

i pretended
to turn into a ferocious lion
ready to eat you

so you got up and ran
as fast as you could
on your little legs

and i chased you
growling like a lion
in the meadow filled
with wild daisies

exhausted and breathless
you dropped 
yourself in a heap
on the grass again

squealing, begging me
not to eat you

i dropped beside you
then stroked 
your hair again
and holding your little hand
whispered in the softest
most loving voice i had:

you’re my sister
my baby
my friend

i would never hurt you
for anything

then we hugged
like we always did

and you said back to me:

you’re my sister
my baby 
my friend

i would never hurt you
for anything

7th april 2017

image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on facebook

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