The Presence of My Guide

there is a forest
which isn't a place

a forest vast, rich
and abundant

where kindness blooms
like a carpet of orchids
and sweet water streams
of nourishment flow

where luxuriant trees
provide cool shade
and their majestic trunks
offer strong support

it’s a place of rest, refuge
and healing elixirs
for the thirsty, weary
heartbroken and lost

here withered 
barren saplings
return miraculously to life
and fruition

all those who enter
leave transformed

relieved of bitter
painful burdens
and lives of confusion
and illusion

they have glimpsed the Face
of the Beloved
got a whiff of His scent
heard His sweet call

there is this forest
which isn't a place

it's the presence
of my guide
my teacher
my Home

dedicated to beloved shaykh ebrahim

4th april 2016

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"

image: free wallpaper from the internet

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