Unbearable Beauty

perhaps you wear
the shackles 
of some disease
that prevent you
from moving
too far from
one spot under the sky

but even here
in this limited circle
of your outer imprisonment
bound by pain
and incapacity

every day
things beautiful
leap out
and seize your heart
expanding it
making full 
your moments:

a sun bird gliding swiftly
in the white-gold sunlight
towards a sage and violet
flowering bush

the love-scented words
of a luminous soul
from the pages of
his poetry book

the cool, silky texture
of sips of clear water
when you’re thirsty

the sharp pleasing
perfume of orange
as you rupture its skin
to savour
the tear drop jewels
of its shiny, delicate 
voluptuous flesh

the aroma of patchouli
wafting from the point where
the pulse in your wrist beats

day after day
the same chair
the same garden view
and the same
dull ache
in your body

and yet
you find
your breath taken
again and again

by the subtle details
of what surrounds you

the signs
the Beloved leaves
of Himself

the signs of His
unbearable Beauty

6th february 2015


from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"
image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on Facebook

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