there’s a moment
when your 
most ardent prayer
is answered

when your long
arduous vigils
and supplications
bear fruit

by an act of Grace

every atom
of your being
is suddenly
by Presence

It Is All There Is

as if
you’ve dissolved
into the sun

there’s nothing
but Light

and in that moment
you know:

not for a moment 
were you ever alone
not for a heartbeat
were you 
ever abandoned

He was always near
He was always
right Here!

holding you

it was you
who was lost and deaf
and blind

it was you
who was absent

for a very long
immeasurable time
He waited lovingly
for you

and this
was the point
of it All

30th december 2014

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"
image: with thanks via Iraj Jahanshahi on Facebook

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