Spectacular Existence

you’ve hidden yourself
behind walls 
too long
and dug your grave
before it’s time to die

doing whatever 
it is
you’re doing 
in this prison

go up 
to the tallest tower 
in the city

or leave the city,
climb the top of the hill

and look

at the never ending vastness 
that stretches 
in every direction
around you

went through all the trouble
to create this

 which cannot be fathomed 
or described

which makes you speechless
with its scale
and splendor
and intricacy

went through all the trouble
to make you
and give you life

how incredible 
how utterly incredible
that you are here
that you can breath
and hear
and walk
and touch
and see

the utter astonishment
of being alive
that swells and rises
a great tidal wave
of gratitude
and prayer
and song
bursting from
inside your chest

how beautiful
and ravishing 
and utterly astounding 
is this life
pulsing, singing 
and pushing inside
and all around you

why spend 
even a single 
precious moment
of this miracle
in anything 
but amazement?

every single concern
and accusation
you could possibly have

every single one

in the face 
of the great spectacle
of Existence

if you would only see

1st june 2014

from the upcoming book: "The Truth Is Love"
image: with thanks form Maarten Maarten Appel on Facebook
for a copy of "Set My Heart On Fire" in pakistan nalayn publications
in South Africa intent publishing
and internationally via amazon


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