You Are A Sweet Mystery

You Are A Sweet Mystery 

you are a sweet mystery
to you
written solely
for you

a beautiful
singular mystery
only you 
can unravel

no one else
can find the book
that carries
this astonishing text
of your being
as in a seed
waiting to unfold
under the light
of your 
awakened eyes

only you

only you
can read 
the story
that is hidden
from everyone else
is the secret 
between you
and Him

i promise you
when you find it
this text will delight you
amaze you
like nothing else
on earth

all the clues to the puzzle
are right here
where you are

the key is hidden
in plain view

go quiet
be brave
and look in the places
where until this moment
you’ve been terrified
to go

14th february 2014

from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"

photo credit: freerangestock dot com

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