You Know My Remedy

You Know My Remedy

You know all my secrets
even those hidden from me
what good is lying, or hiding
anything from You?

i apologize for this complaint
but what else can i do
where else can i go with my pain?

You dragged me here
over burning sand,
shattered glass
and slime

when i said, i submit
is not what i expected!

to be flung in a mystery
that grows more mysterious
as it unfolds

i know
for what i seek
no price is too high

but my flesh is weak
and so,
so treacherous

i beg you:
You made me
You own me
You know my ailment
and its remedy

so, cure me
cure me! cure me! cure me!

set me free

3rd may 2013

from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"
photo credit: free range free stock photos from the web

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