every day
in a thousand ways
You bring me back
to my Self

You helped me wander
in distant lands
when i believed
what was out there
was better than this here,
in here

and when
the separation
of being away
broke me
made me soft
You drew me back

with the going away
and then returning,
You made everything
fresh and new

so i could savour
every inch
of the earth
that had given me birth
that had been as familiar
as the scent on my temples
and, therefore,
had been
just as unknown

and this time around
You helped me
and enter the darkest caves
without fear
embrace all that was decaying
as it nourished the new

and be delighted
by imperfection
and humanness

opened eyes
inside my heart
so that i could finally see:

what had seemed shameful
was not really shameful
and what had seemed terrible
was not really terrible

that the ordinary
was, in fact

so that this time around
i could accept what i had rejected
forgive what i had resented
let everyone and everything
including my self
go free

and dissolve
just dissolve
in gratitude
at the sheer Perfection
of it All

You sent me away
to bring me back
to bring me back
to You

You sent me away
to bring me back
to bring me back
to Me

13th june 2013

from the upcoming book "The Truth Is Love"
photo credit: free range free stock photos from the web

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