Who Looks At Me And Speaks

these atoms
these magical cells
that make your luminous
being appear
as beautiful, perfect form

the glistening
fluid stars that swim
in your eyes
as you smile
and blink

the glossy,
gossamer silk
of your lips
encasing tender
ruby flesh
blood-red clementines

the warm liquid
notes of breath
as words
rising from your throat
making everything dissolve
on their path from you
through my ears
to my heart
then deeper
and beyond 

your light and words
and everything
carry memories
of how they
looked and sounded
those distant
ancient ancestors
equally ravishing
and perfect,
as you

and yet…

just as needy, broken
and hungry
as you and me

in every atom
every cell
our formed
and formless beingness
carries traces
of timeless love
and kindness
joy and delight,

and their shadows
and their opposites
like dark and light
day and night

we carry age old memory
of being devoured
by hunger
that can only
be filled with

and more
much more
than we can ever apprehend
count or surmise

a wordless recollection
that is also premonition
of Something, Someone
Unknowable, Unseen

more mysterious
more ancient
than primordial ancestors
than ancestry
than time itself

so when you look at me
and speak
through those  gorgeous eyes
with that lovely mouth
and make me laugh
or make me weep
i look at you in wonder:

Who looks at me
and speaks?

1st april 2012

from "Set My Heart on Fire"

for a copy of the book contact nalayn.publications@gmail.com; 
internationally available through Amazon and www.intentpublishing.com 
photo credit: freerange free stock photos


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