Open The Door Here

there are only
in the distance
God is holding up a clear mirror
right here

you are surrounded
by Love

look! how eyes light up
when you enter
everyone draws close
to be near you,
breathe your perfume,
in the velvet
of your softly uttered words

if you could only see
people pick flowers from their hearts
and strew them at your feet
so you can walk on fragrant silks

this incredible sweet light
is reflected
from you

is what fills you up
from the inside
stop chasing mirages on the horizon
speaking too many words
thinking too many thoughts
reading too many books

open the door here
in side
and meet your self

2nd april 2012

from "Set My Heart on Fire"

for a copy of the book contact; 
internationally available through Amazon and 
photo credit: freerange free stock photos


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