Let Me Fall

there’s no need
to be nice

i’ve searched everywhere
and learnt
only my own blindness

there is nothing
i can do for my self
how can i unravel the knots
i cannot see?

the wounds you inflicted
have been
my only blessing

without you
i would have remained asleep
in this house of shadows
and disguise
unprepared for it,
when death arrived

to my heart,
this place
no longer holds
any allure

i implore you:
take me to the edge
push me over
let me fall

the Whole of Existence
waits patiently
in open embrace

14th january 2012

from "Set My Heart on Fire"

for a copy of the book contact nalayn.publications@gmail.com; 
internationally available through Amazon and www.intentpublishing.com 
photo credit: freerange free stock photos


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