they say
the mystic sarmad
fell in love
went mad
tore off his clothes

why, you wonder,
do lovers
roam naked?

it’s not for the union
you think they want

it’s the union inside union
they seek

Real Love calls you
all the way in
all the way back

to answer this call
lovers would,
if they could,
tear off not just their clothes
but also their skin
their muscle
their bone

anything that binds
holds them together

because every cell
in their bodies
yearns to answer
the call of Love

is desperate
to be free of solid

so it can experience the
everything! everything! everything!
it is

7th september 2011

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  1. His home is confined,
    Not only to the temple and mosque.
    The earth and the sky are equally His abode.
    The entire universe,
    Is in love with His story,
    But the wise one loves Him only.
    O Sarmad, Do not narrate the story,
    Of Ka’ba and the temple,
    Like the lost souls;
    Do not wander in the valley of doubt.
    Prostrate yourself before the One,
    And before no other.

    - Sarmad (The Naked Saint)


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