You Are In His Care

You Are In His Care

my brother
of ebony skin
and noble soul

they paint predators
in your form

what travesty!

when you are
most vulnerable

your blood
spilled more
than any other’s
on the streets
of the country
where your forefathers
and mothers
were brought shackled

torn from the
that nourished them

where they walked
beautiful and proud

where their names
were known
and their songs

stolen from 
under the skies
that were vast enough
to hold the laughter
of their children
and the prayers
of their elders

cleft from moonlit nights
that were radiant enough
to hold all their
secret longings
and whispers

ripped from the earth
deep and generous enough
to embrace them
and fulfill all their needs

sundered forever
from the intimate
familiar place
with the sweet name

forced to this
alien terrain
where they were
turned from people
into things
their flesh
and sweat and pain
squeezed to make treasures
forged in their blood

in this country
that boasts
of freedom and equality


you have always
been prey

its biggest heroes
were brothers
like you

who turned their
of excruciating suffering and
devastating exploitation
into wisdom and compassion
rarely seen
in our world

the greatest heroes
this nation
had ever seen
were from among you

the greatest heroes
this nation
had ever seen
were killed in cold
cruel blood
by the rulers
of this country
built on lies
and greed

these heroes
of big hearts
and great courage
who spoke of truth
and love and peace


by the people
who have made
lives and livelihoods
on lies and hate and war

my only offering
to you
my brother

is what stirs
in my heart
and flows
from my eyes
and comes
to my lips
as prayer

may He
who is the Master
of it All

heal your suffering
your terror
your pain

and bring to justice
those who have
been its cause

nothing is possible for me
except heartfelt prayers

nothing is
difficult for Him

and you are
in His care

dedicated to Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr and African American men brutalized and killed in the USA

25th january 2016

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