Sabeen Mahmud​

Sabeen Mahmud​
everyone has to go someday, somehow
and this is when you were to leave
we know death is inevitable
but still, my friend, we grieve

you made us love our city, ourselves
you nurtured our minds and hearts
you fed us science and politics
you nourished us with music and art

you gave us an oasis in the desert
a balm for our hurt, a sanctuary
a place where we could meet
and speak our minds openly

so special and loved by many
for many a guiding light
with you we dreamed courage
and saw our dreams take flight

many go unheard, unmourned
unremarkable in their end
but you lived and died a hero
you did us proud, my friend

you went shining, blazing
as the bright flame that you were
your courage and your love
no fear or hatred could deter

yes, your life was short
but it was huge, exemplary
you followed your truth, your passion
lived and died in authenticity

as you inspired in life
you inspire us in death
like you we aspire to stand
for truth with our last breath

25th april 2015
Shahbano Ailani

photo credit: from the Express Tribune; copied without permission

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