Woman From Johi

Woman From Johi

you say, “johi”
a village
i've never seen
so i imagine
a dusty place
without water
a neat adobe home
moulded by your hands
a thatched roof
where sparrows nest
and the breeze
whispers softly at night

your hands speak
of hard work
before you tell me, i know
you weave rope and baskets
from dry desert bushes
that grow beneath
an unforgiving sun

but your eyes
oh your eyes!
are radiant and clear
like you've never known malice
or loss or heartbreak
like you have
no worries
in the world

and your smile
which i carry in my heart
is the light of a thousand stars
shining all at once

we do not understand fully
the words we speak
to each other
but the language of the soul
needs no translation

for those brief moments
that we are present
here, together
we are the same smile
we are the same light

march 2009
photo credit: nazila's photo blog

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