This Path Chose You

This Path Chose You

seeking, asking
wandering, stumbling
pushed, dragged, or
beaten into submission

however you got here
make no mistake

you did not
choose this path
this path
chose you

and now that you’re here
you may as well know
it’s not for the faint hearted

with surgical precision
and breathtaking elegance
He will destroy
all your idols
one by one

and strip
your many delusions
and pretensions
like stripping
fine layers
of skin

like a leaf
tossed around
on a never ending ocean
which you cannot control
only see

you will have nothing
to hold
nowhere to hide
nowhere to go

your own flesh
will be no protection
from the terror
of being nothing
in the face
of overwhelming

in a million prostrations
that’s who you are


6th june 2013


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