Say This Love Is His Love

Say This Love Is His Love

say all my words
are beautiful

say this love
is His Love

say it astounds you
leaves you speechless

in the face of this
reason is mute
and restraint has
no meaning

say it is unstoppable
like the rising sun
like the ebb and flow
of tides
and nothing can stand
in its way

say it is uncontainable
because it contains it

say you see
what it comes with:

the undoing
and the anguish
to the point of ecstasy

say this is what
we are made of
and the answer to
all questions
of our being –
why, what and how

say this is the Truth
above wrong, right
usefulness, piety
or salvation

say this is submission
to Divine Purpose

to the yearning
and love
of Hidden Treasure
to be known

say you don’t comprehend
you never can

but you hold it
in your heart
on a softly taken breath
like the precious,
precious gift
it is

4th august 2013

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