Everything For The Sake Of Love

there is a Face
the sight of which
unhinges you
a Gaze
steady and clear
which makes something rise up,
choke in your throat
travel through your bloodstream
and erupt
as unspeakable words
from your fingertips

like the ney,
your pen
sings a note, plucked
from an unrecognizable
that has no place
on a map
of this body
or this world

the heart of the heart
has no why
or where

beauty exists for the sake of beauty
joy for the sake of joy
and everything
for the sake of Love

9th may 2012

from "Set My Heart on Fire"

for a copy of the book contact nalayn.publications@gmail.com; 
internationally available through Amazon and www.intentpublishing.com 
photo credit: freerange free stock photos


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